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Hidden Paradise: Guide to Sambawan Island, Biliran

Sambawan Island in Biliran is often overlooked because of the popular Boracay Beach or Kalanggaman Island nearby. But this unique destination deserves all the attention it gets because of its features different from your normal beach. Where else can you see a white-pebble beach along a magnificent blue sea, accompanied with rolling hills of wispy grass — all in one small island? Only in Sambawan Island, which may just become your next favorite vacation spot.

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Guide to Visiting Barracuda Lake, Coron

Barracuda Lake in Coron, Palawan may have an intimidating (and possibly misleading) name, but it is actually one of the must-visit destinations in the area. Despite Coron gaining lots of recognition from the international tourist scene, Barracuda Lake maintains its mystic and “hidden gem” appeal. Beautiful limestone formations, turquoise waters, underwater landscapes – these are what welcome you when you visit Barracuda Lake. Read on to have a guide to planning your next Coron Trip to Barracuda Lake!