Prevent Pollution using Sewage Treatment Plant

Name of Equipment: Sewage Plant
Type: SBH-40
Rate number of person: 40 person/day
Sewage BOD volume: 13.5 g/person*day
Sewage Volume: 60L/person*day
pH: 6-8.5
Hyd. Loading: 2.4m3/day
Pump: CR-50S
Capacity: 4m3/h*20m
Aeration Blower: TSS-32
Capacity: 400L/min x 0.02 mPa
Maker: Taiko Kikai Industries Co. LTD.

Sewage plant is one of the critical equipment on-board besides from OWS, Fire alarm system, Incinerator, Emergency generators and others. Maybe you ask yourself before where the water used from toilets, showers and galley from the ship going directly outboard? Maybe think again, in today´s modern shipping, all the waters collected from domestic consumers must be treated like this equipment and OWS if from engine room bilge tank before discharging overboard.

sth-chiba-sewage-plant-800x600 Prevent Pollution using Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

The water from the shower and bowl will go directly to the sewage plant for treatment and the water from the galley will pass through the grease trap to accumulate the oils and some dirt in order not to contaminate and reduce the effectiveness of the sewage due to bacteria working inside. Yes, there is living bacteria inside the sewage plant to prevent the foul odor and you know what the bacteria do.

Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.
-Evo Morales

Frequently poured this bacteria powder inside the tank and always injected with air with the installed air compressor to the system in order for them to breathe. This is taken in 1st and 2nd stage of the tank. The 3rd stage is the collected water and passes through the chlorine injection pump or tablet and it is ready for pump out to the sea. This chlorine will kill the bacteria in order not to contaminate the sea especially for strict regulation from different countries.

sth-chiba-sewage-plant-aeration-blower-motor-800x600 Prevent Pollution using Sewage Treatment Plant

Aeration Blower

Maybe you heard some other news regarding illegal discharging of water including with the oil which they was caught of violating the international regulation known as “MARPOL”. Most of the accused was detained and fined in U.S. water by the coast guard (USCG) due to magic pipe used in engine room to discharge, inconsistent log and error in engine alarm history with the oil record book (ORB) and others with obstruction of justice for failure to present any evidence of proper documents.

sth-chiba-sewage-plant-discharge-motor-800x600 Prevent Pollution using Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Discharge Motor

Let´s think the nature today and not tomorrow. There are also living things under the ocean and it is a big help for the human race not just by food but by many other resources. If there is a problem regarding the pollution, contact your management for them to think what must be done correctly and not just dump it illegally. Think about the environment, yourself and your family.

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