Parts of Oily Water Separator

Name of Equipment: Oily Water Separator 15 ppm
Model: BilgMon
Type: HFM-200
Capacity: 2m3/h
Maker: Heishin Pump Works Co. LTD.

This next equipment is most vulnerable to the environment since we are talking about the pollution to the water. Oily Water Separator (OWS) is critical on every ship and most of the authorities and this is their favorite to be inspected because the marine laws are stricter than before.

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.
-Barry Commoner

Most of the company nowadays, this is the priority in terms of marine pollution with the others like carbon, sulfur and CFC emission to the atmosphere and garbage, sewage and bilge for the sea. You can read a lot of stories about marine pollution by tampering the oil content monitor or using a “magic” pipe to discharge any liquid to the sea then the authorities somewhat found this wrong doing by analyzing their position history and all the log book recordings.

The environment will continue to deteriorate until pollution practices are abandoned.
-B. F. Skinner

Companies now don´t tolerate in any way to do this in the future since this is totally destroying our environment and also big fine to authorities or worst will be jailed. Some unavoidable this is by accident like grounding on shore or wreckage to coral reefs which cause hull penetration and oil spillage to the sea.

If you maintain regularly your OWS, you don´t have to worry about the local authorities. Don´t hesitate to contact your company to ask help and advice if you have some trouble with the equipment or your bilge tank is full so they can arrange for shore disposal. Review the MARPOL book for this matter. Always remember your family waiting for you to get home.

                                         sth-chiba-oily-water-separator-1-600x800 Parts of Oily Water Separator                             sth-chiba-oily-water-separator-600x800 Parts of Oily Water Separator

Tank – where the water from the bilge tank will pass through this chamber with filters. It has heating inside either electric or steam heating to pre-heat the liquid if there is oil mixed up.

oily-water-separator-measuring-cell-800x538 Parts of Oily Water Separator

Measuring Cell – Sample water is always monitored to this cell and counting how dirty the water is to be pumping out overboard or circulation by PPM. Allowable measurement is 15PPM and below, beyond that will trigger the alarm and 3-way valve.

oily-water-separator-monitor-800x600 Parts of Oily Water Separator

Oil Content Monitor – is connected to measuring cell. It will show how the reading of PPM from the water monitored. It can record the time and alarm when you use the OWS and most of the authorities will ask and check this one then compared to the Oil Record Book so they must coincide both of them and allowable time difference must not exceed 1-3 minutes.

oily-water-separator-three-way-valve-800x600 Parts of Oily Water Separator

3-way valve – will activate when high a PPM shows from the monitor. If the valve is normal discharge overboard, it will change-over the discharge going back the bilge tank or sludge tank (it depends to your design). There are different ways to test and activate the valve and it differs from the makers, usually there is external control which is pneumatic must always open in order to release the air to the valve and change-over.

Do you test this equipment every week?

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